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Rancho Santa Margarita Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can give a bad impression if not clean, and sparkling. Picture going out to eat in a restaurant, and noticing grimy tile, and blackened grout lines. The picture in our minds is less than appetizing. No wonder we furiously scrub, mop, and scour our tile and grout when we need to have it clean for a special occasion. Ironically, all this effort is usually pointless, as the grout lines seem to get darker, and more stained with each “cleaning”.

The reason for all this anguish is simple. Grout is a porous material, and when not properly sealed, or if left unsealed, it tends to soak up dirt, grime, and soapy detergent like a dry sponge in a bathtub. At that point, every time you mop your floors, the unsealed grout lines act as tiny gutters collecting grime, dirt, and detergent that eagerly stuff themselves into the porous structure of the grout.

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Question: “Should I give up mopping and scrubbing my grout? It is already blackened and filmy looking.”

Answer: No. Simply call Rancho Santa Margarita Family Carpet Cleaning for a professional tile and grout cleaning. We will use our state of the art cleaning equipment and techniques, including specialized hand cleaning, to get your tile and grout back to it’s bright, and sparkling original appearance. Once clean, we will re-seal your grout lines to ensure maximum closure of your grout pores, and prolonged cleanness. While we are at your residential, or commercial location cleaning your tile and grout, we will further explain easy, and effective ways to clean your tile and grout floors, counters, and bathroom walls, when a professional cleaning is not feasible or possible. Once our tile and grout-cleaning technicians have finished working on your tiles, you will be able to go longer between professional cleanings, due to the treatment, as well as the re-sealing.

Question: “My grout is not only unsealed, the grout itself is starting to come out. Can your company still re-seal it?”

Answer: In rare cases where the grout is coming out, or is particularly dirty and stained, we can remove it entirely, and re-grout your tile after cleaning it.

Question: “Can Rancho Santa Margarita Family Carpet Cleaning restore my grout to it’s original color?

Answer: Yes, we can! Our professional cleaning techniques, allow us to effectively clean your grout, and bring it’s clean, original color back for all to see, and enjoy again.

In addition to tile and grout cleaning, our technicians can safely clean, and treat your marble, granite, travertine, and limestone surfaces as well. Since these natural stone tiles and slabs can be stained by cleanser, and other liquids, we seal these after cleaning, to protect and prolong their natural sheen, and beauty.

Ceramic tiles are originally made with a hardened glaze finish, and therefore don’t need the extra sealant that natural stone does. Our Rancho Santa Margarita Family Carpet Cleaning are highly skilled in all areas of tile, and grout cleaning. Bring the original sheen and beauty back to your tile floors, counters, and walls with a cleaning treatment today!

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