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Rancho Santa Margarita Water Damage/Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and water, two sometimes friendly, sometimes dangerous elements, that we Southern Californians are exposed to daily. It’s hard to think of fire, and water as leading causes of property damage when we are swimming laps in our sparkling swimming pools, or toasting marshmallows in our backyard fire pits, but this is sometimes the case.

It is important to remember that limiting exposure to water and smoke, are leading factors preventing further damage to your property, and possessions. Time is of the essence; so if you experience water, or fire disaster, call Rancho Santa Margarita Carpet Cleaning Experts at once.

Question: “What if disaster hits in the middle of the night? Should I still call you?”

Answer: Yes! That is why we offer 24-hour emergency restoration service. In fact, we strongly encourage that you input our telephone number into your cell phone, or tablet address book right now. Waiting until disaster hits, is no time to be looking for phone numbers. Should you need our professional disaster restoration services, we are only a phone tap away from you.

Question: What are the leading causes of fire and/or water damage here in Rancho Santa Margarita, California?

Answer: Natural, and man made disasters can happen anywhere, at anytime. Living in such close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and to the surrounding forests automatically puts our community in the “direct line of fire”. Other common causes of fire and water disaster include:

    • Flooded basements
    • Arson
    • Lightning strikes
    • Unattended stoves and burners
    • Washing machine hose floods
    • Dishwasher flooding
    • Electrical fires due to wiring
    • Burst pipes
    • Meth lab explosions
    • Fireplace sparks
    • Fireworks
    • Careless campers
    • Space heaters

Fire and water damage can come from any direction, at any time. The key is to work fast to limit the exposure to smoke, soot, or water. When you call Rancho Santa Margarita for professional water and smoke restoration, we immediately:

  • Secure and safeguard your building, and damaged property
  • Provide water extraction
  • Assess all fire and water damage at your location
  • Expedite the drying process with the use of high-powered fans
  • Begin odor prevention and removal
  • Provide professional mold and mildew remediation and mitigation
  • Gather and assemble detailed documentation of the damaged area and property
  • Commence with soot and smoke damage restoration
  • Commence with full restoration, and reconstruction of the damaged property

Don’t leave your property restoration in the hands of amateurs. Rancho Santa Margarita Family Carpet Cleaning has the training, the licenses, and the field experience needed to bring complete restoration to your property, and possessions. We will work closely with you, and your insurance company, while you take care of your loved ones. Don’t let fire, or water disaster, negatively affect you anymore than it has to. Get the professional relief you need fast, with a simple call to our telephone number.

Call us for help: (949) 236-6641